Why a Home Inspection


Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, you should have a professional home inspection conducted. If you are buying a home, a home inspector will ensure the systems and foundation of the home are free from severe damages that may increase your liability in the future. Likewise, if you are selling a home, failing to receive a satisfactory home inspection will make it very difficult to sell your property.


General home inspection items include:

  • Structural elements of the home (walls, ceilings, floors, roof, foundation etc)
  • Exterior (landscaping, grading, elevation, drainage, windows, trim etc)
  • Roofing (ventilation, framing, gutters etc)
  • Plumbing (drain, waste, pipes, toilets, showers, sinks etc)
  • Electrical (circuit breakers, main panel, wiring, grounding, exhaust fans, light fixtures etc)
  • Appliances (dishwasher, oven, garbage disposal etc)

The Importance of a Home Inspection


If you are purchasing a home, you need to know any underlying issues with the home before you close the deal. A professional home inspector will disclose any known problems with the home that may affect your buying decision.

If you are selling a home, you should know about any hidden problems before your home goes on the market. Usually, any buyers will require a professional home inspection as one of the contingencies before they decide to purchase. If the inspector addresses any serious problems, the buyer will likely back away from the deal. Any issues with the home should be fixed before your home is put on the market. This will make selling your home a lot easier.


Featured Home Inspectors

A Buyer’s Choice –  Richard Bisnauth

283 Bilbrough Street, Aurora, ON  L4G 7X6
Telephone: 289.221.0032 www.abuyerschoice.com

CanSpec –  James Watters

2984 Range Line Rd, Ajax, ON L1S 6V9
Telephone: 416.993.2954 www.canspechome.com

Carson Dunlop –  Lee Reich

120 Carlton Street, Suite 407, Toronto, ON  M5A 4K2
Telephone: 416.629.9582 www.carsondunlop.com

The Castle Group –  Richard Schmidt

214 Keewatin Avenue, Toronto, ON  M4P 1Z8
Telephone: 416.485.3626 www.thecastlegroup.ca